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Helping Students Translate Academic Strengths into Career Interests

No matter what subject you teach, you can facilitate career exploration for your high school students. Here are a few tips to share with students that will help them translate their academic strengths into career interests:  

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Why Movement is Important for All Young Learners

If you teach elementary school students, you know that periodic brain breaks can keep your classroom running smoothly. Young students can only sustain their attention for so long, so taking short breaks to move around or do sensory activities can calm hyperactive students and re-energize students whose focus is drifting.  

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Positive Approaches for Dealing with Disruptive Behaviors

It isn’t easy to teach effectively when students talk at inappropriate times or are antagonistic toward you and their classmates. How can you handle disruptive behavior in the classroom

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Tips For Giving Elementary Students Effective Feedback on Writing

It’s not easy to teach students to be great writers. Practice from grade-to-grade leads to continuous improvement, but one of the simplest ways you can help is by providing clear, useful writing feedback to students as they are developing their abilities.

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Homework Help for Highly Disorganized Students

Organization is something that many students find challenging. However, if you have some students who struggle with it so much that their homework is often unfinished, incorrect, sloppy, or all of the above, the problem needs correction—before it worsens.

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Recognizing Signs of ADHD in the Middle School Classroom

For teachers and parents, it’s not always easy to spot a child with ADHD. In the classroom, inattention can seem like a personality trait (e.g., the student is dreamy or always thinking).

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