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Four Ways for Teachers to Rejuvenate This Summer

Students need a break after an intense school year, and so do you! Even if you have professional development plans or other education goals while you’re not in school, it is essential that you take time to rejuvenate your mind and recharge your batteries. Here are a few tips

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Signs Your Student Needs Tutoring Outside of School

It’s probably pretty obvious when a student is struggling in class, and as you know, getting that child help sooner rather than later is crucial. Here are a few signs that one of your students needs tutoring help

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What is the Chunking Method of Teaching?

At Huntington Learning Center, we have long embraced the chunking method in our tutoring programs. What exactly is chunking? Put simply, this is a teaching strategy where larger, more complex topics are broken down into smaller units or “chunks.”  

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Tips For Teaching Multiplication to Elementary Students

Mastering multiplication requires both memorization and comprehension of strategy. Here are a few tips for helping your elementary students build a solid foundation.

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If you have taught students with special needs before, you’re familiar with the Individualized Education Program (IEP). The IEP is a requirement for every student receiving special education services and is the blueprint for teachers, parents and other school personnel to help each student receive a quality education. Here’s what goes into the IEP, according to the U.S. Department of Education.

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Fostering Good Organizational Habits in the Classroom

Organization doesn’t come naturally to many students, but it is the foundation for school success. Here are several tips to build routines into your classroom that help your students develop their organizational habits.

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