Huntington Learning Center Testimonials

LB completed the program - 2 average grade level increase in results

From KB on Facebook: Thank you to the amazing staff at Huntington, especially Mr. Mike!

FROM: KB- Parent

A. B. got a 250 score increase on SAT!

The programs at Huntington helped me focus and clear up the problems I had while studying for the SAT. Prior to Huntington, I never understood why I was getting answers wrong and Huntington pointed what I was doing wrong and helped me correct it. With a few weeks of tutoring my SAT score jumped from 1250 to 1410. In my second attempt I improved my score to 1500.


5-Star Google Review

Huntington has helped my kids so much. The skills they’ve taught them here I know will last a lifetime. Everyone here is extremely kind, caring, professional and encouraging. We’ve sadly been to MANY tutoring places and, after a lot of money, never saw any improvement in my kids work. Now not only am I noticing a big improvements their teachers are noticing it as well. My kids are feeling so much more confident now that they are doing so much better also. I highly recommend this place!!!


A life saver during the pandemic

Using Huntington has been a life saver during this pandemic and schools closing. Our girls have continued to excel academically with their support. We are very lucky to rely on them for our girls.

FROM: Maria Arizmendi

Great progression

My son is progressing nicely on the program and he really likes his teacher. The director is very knowledgeable, nice and is a great communicator.

FROM: Marisa Carpenter

Noah's confidence really improved

We registered our seven year old at Huntington this summer mostly because he fell so far behind during the closing of schools due to COVID-19. He did not like school even before the closure. He was very shy in the classroom and got very anxious when he had to participate. He would not allow his brothers to be present when reading or doing homework. We have seen wonderful results since enrolling him at Huntington. He loves his teacher there and he is participating in his virtual class, speaking c...

FROM: Kelly Krier

Maxine Improved Her Test Score By 5 Points

Huntington helped my daughter with ACT test prep. The tutors were great and easy to work with and Ms. Lola the owner is caring and responsive. My daughter had a marked improvement in her scores!

FROM: Letitia Nilan

She is reading better than she ever has


Our daughter was a solidly average student before the pandemic. Once schools went to online classes she slid backwards. We enrolled her at Huntington in Barrington and they helped figure out where her weaknesses are and have her reading better than she ever did before. She is improving in math and loves going! Thank you Huntington- especially Liz!

FROM: Arthur D.
She is reading better than she ever has
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