State Test Prep

Scoring Higher on Required Exams Through Test Prep

Huntington Can Help Your
Child Succeed on State Exams

Each year, hundreds of thousands of students are required to participate in state testing. The purpose of these exams is to measure student aptitude and the performance of the schools. The results of these tests may be used to make improvements in teaching and learning by:

  • Tracking student progress.
  • Identifying strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in curriculum and instruction.
  • Identifying students who may need additional help.

Huntington provides test prep for a wide variety of state exams. We help equip students with the necessary academic and test-taking skills required to succeed on state exams. Call your local Huntington Learning Center to see how we can help prepare your child for your state’s specific exam.


Our individualized test prep program is the perfect way to help your child prepare for state tests. We begin by giving your student a comprehensive academic evaluation that will pinpoint your child's strengths and weaknesses and identify where we should concentrate when tailoring his or her tutoring plan. Based on these results, we will tailor a personalized learning plan targeted to meet your child's unique needs using a variety of curricula to develop academic skills and test-taking approaches specific to your state test.

Throughout the program, your child will take additional practice exams. We will use the practice exam results to further guide the instruction that your child receives. We will also meet with you to discuss the results and the progress your child is making in the program.

Read what our many happy parents and STUDENTS are saying...

"My wife and I were very nervous about the new school year. We knew that Cathy would be taking standardized state tests and she had not been performing well in school. To help give her the boost she needed and get her on the right track, we enrolled Cathy at Huntington over the summer months. We cannot believe the fantastic strides that Cathy made in such a short time. We are very optimistic about her grades and test scores in the upcoming school year, and are very grateful to the Huntington staff for of their amazing help and encouragement."

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