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How AP Classes Help with College Admissions

You might wonder if there’s a link between AP classes and college admission. Here’s what you need to know about AP classes, college admission, AP exams and more.

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SAT & ACT Prep: Tips to Reduce Stress Before Taking the Test

Reducing stress on the SAT/ACT is a matter of planning ahead, preparing well and embracing stress-reducing strategies before and during the exam. Here are a few tips to take the stress out of SAT/ACT prep.

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What to Do Now That You Have Received Your Student’s PSAT Score

While the PSAT is technically a practice test, it’s important to review the score carefully and take advantage of the insights it offers into your student’s knowledge level, strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few tips on what to take note of and what to do now that you have the scores in hand: 

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Is Multitasking Beneficial? Tips for Teens with Many Responsibilities

While multitasking feels to some like they are achieving more (faster), most research says that there are far more cons of multitasking than there are pros. Here are a few things to keep in mind and tips to help your busy, involved student achieve everything they want to in the time they have.

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Six Skills Your Teen Needs for College Readiness

College classes are a big step up from high school classes in terms of rigor and expectations, and your teen must have a range of aptitudes and habits to do well. Here are six essential skills your teen must have to be successful in college.

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Maximize Winter Break for College Research

Winter break is a good chance for college-bound students to put attention toward their college-related tasks. Here are several tips on what your student should do to maximize their break:

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