Common Core

Huntington Learning Center Curriculum Addresses Common Core State Standards


For over 40 years, Huntington Learning Center has stayed in tune with the needs of our students.

Today, Huntington remains at the forefront when it comes to supplemental education. Four years ago, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Initiative was introduced, and those standards have since been adopted and implemented by school districts in most states. We too have introduced CCSS in all of our academic, SAT, ACT and other preparatory programs. We began implementation of CCSS curriculum in December 2013, and we will continue to add additional materials as needed.

What does this mean for the families we serve and the schools with whom we partner? It means that Huntington stands ready to help students meet the challenges of these new, more rigorous educational standards. As schools' curricula and assessment testing evolve, students will need help that extends beyond the type of support they may have needed previously. Huntington is prepared for and excited to embrace those challenges together with parents, teachers and students. Here are several ways Huntington has adjusted its curriculum and operations to prepare for tutoring and test prep for the Common Core:

  • Updated math curriculum that adhere to CCSS mathematics standards.
  • Updated reading/writing curriculum that adheres to CCSS English language arts standards.
  • A refined focus on college and career readiness throughout Huntington's programs.
  • A greater emphasis throughout Huntington's programs on key CCSS objectives, including better problem solving and enhanced critical thinking.

As always, Huntington is dedicated to delivering the best possible education to our students-and today, that means helping students navigate the significant changes taking place at their schools and in their classrooms.